Dear Huntington Beach Friends and Neighbors,

Twenty-two years ago my family and I decided to make Huntington Beach our home because of the great schools, parks, and magnificent beaches.

I love our “Surf City” quality of life. I will work hard to preserve the coastal character of our community for our children and grandchildren.
We need fresh ideas to handle the daunting challenges facing our city without raising taxes and fees. We need a City Council that follows a consistent path in the right direction, not City Council Members that waffle in their decision making for political expediency.
I am running for City Council because we need a clear positive direction for our city. With my leadership skills honed as a Huntington Beach business owner for 23 years and service on the HB Planning Commission, I can provide positive consistent leadership and get things done for our city. 
I ask for your help; I ask for your vote to lead us to victory on November 8th.
Thank You,
Patrick Brenden

    •       Huntington Beach resident since 1994
    •       Huntington Beach small business owner and job creator for 23 years
    •       A community leader, HB Planning Commissioner and past Chair, HB Public Works Commission
    •       A champion for government transparency
    •       I will work to protect funding for infrastructure
    •       I will fight against government overreach, increased taxes and fees
    •       Fiscal conservative who knows what it takes to live within a budget
    •       Tough on crime and committed to keeping our neighborhoods safe
    •       I will continue to seek positive solutions for homelessness in HB
    •       Environmentally conscious at home, at work and in the community
    •       I will work collaboratively to relieve traffic congestion through innovative solutions
    •       I will protect our property values through a common sense approach to development
    •       I voted to keep high density development out of our residential neighborhoods
    •       I supported anti-HDD building amendments to the Beach/Edinger Corridor Specific Plan
    •       I will be a full-time problem solver committed to collaboration and consensus building
    •       I will be your new voice on City Council, offering clear direction and proven leadership

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Patrick Brenden for Huntington Beach City Council 17661 Rainglen Lane, Huntington Beach, CA 92649  |  Committee ID#1378530
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